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Does Pheromone Cologne Really Work?


I have been asked many times whether pheromones actually work.

Why is everyone talking about pheromone colognes? Are they proven to work, or are they just another futuristic sci-fi tale? Most importantly, can you believe labels that say they contain pheromones? Or do they even work? Let’s do a little research, shall we?

What are Pheromones and How do They Work?

Pheromones are real. They aren’t used just to sell colognes. In reality, hormones personally impact you and your mood. Pheromones, on the other hand, are ectohormones. They impact the people around you. One of the most researched pheromones is called androstadienone.

Men are the only ones who produce this pheromone. When women smell it, they feel better because it helps increase cortisol levels. This makes her more relaxed and more apt to face difficult situations.

When a pheromone cologne has a musky scent, it can really make women like you more. One study proved that all women in speed dating settings like men who wear pheromone cologne, and only 60 percent of them like men who didn’t wear it. Basically, pheromone colognes work.

You can use pheromone colognes with regular colognes without experiencing any problems. Wear it with your favorite cologne. Pheromone colognes can be worn alone or combined with favorite scents. One Amazon buyer says it mixes well with his current cologne, and he gets plenty of compliments. Use it to give your regular cologne an added boost.

ABC News Pheromone Study

Studies prove that the nose plays an important role in sexual attraction. According to scientists at San Francisco State University, when women wear synthesized female pheromones, they feel a stronger attraction to men.

What are pheromones? They are odorless chemicals excreted by the body. They impact both the human and animal reproduction process. The nose detects them and conveys them to the brain.

A new study in Physiology and Behavior discovered that when women add pheromones to cologne, they get 50 percent more attention from men. They have more opportunities to kiss and have sexual intercourse. They even sleep closer to their partners.

Although it wasn’t as much attention, women who wore placebo colognes also received more attention from men. However, it is explained that this happens just because you expect it to produce good results. It is the power of the mind.

Per Norma McCoy, a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, sexual intercourse was the main difference between pheromone and placebo participants. She believes that an odorless chemical excreted from reproductive age women must be the reason why they are more attractive to men.

The Role of Pheromones in Attraction

The Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness Research believes that pheromones are generic substrates. This is a substance that reacts and achieves a certain effect when it is put on a person’s skin.

According to Winnifred Cutler, the founder, and president of the Athena Institute, when pheromones work, they really work for women. It does not matter what kind of perfume she’s wearing.

Studies also show that when men wear aftershave that has synthetic pheromones, they engage in more sexual intercourse. They even sleep closer to their partners than men who wear aftershave with placebos.

Beyond Sexual Attraction

Cutler thinks that pheromones do more than contribute to sexual attraction. He says that research shows that pheromone behaviors can be divided into four different categories. They are mother-infant interaction, reproductive synchrony, territorial marking and sexual attraction.

Although most of this research was performed on animals, it has also been conducted on humans as well. For instance, babies can tell the difference between their mothers and other mothers based on their sense of smell. They will turn away from garments that have the scent of other women on them.

In terms of reproductive synchrony, research shows that when women live together, their menstrual cycles are synchronized. Also, when women did not like each other, they were not synchronized.

Further Pheromone Studies

Pheromone research may provide therapeutic uses too. The Athena Institute is working on ways to help unsociable people become more sociable. This especially applies to people who ignore people subconsciously such as cerebral palsy sufferers. Research is also being done on infertile women to determine if pheromones can help them.

This may also help women who have had hysterectomies. According to Cutler, sexual attraction loss is usually experienced by women after hysterectomies. This topic needs to be researched further. With further research, pheromones may help humans in other ways that are not linked to a perfume bottle.

Pheromone Colognes Get Attention and Change Moods for the Better

Users love pheromone colognes because they have great scents and they get loads of attention. Some users say they make more sales when wearing pheromone colognes. One says that he gets plenty of compliments, gets more sales and has gotten more dates when wearing pheromone cologne.

Women Like Pheromone Colognes

Another Amazon user also gives pheromone colognes 5 stars. He absolutely loves the stuff. He says that all women react very well to his cologne, Chronos. He says it has a wonderful formula that is alcohol-free, and it moisturizes his skin. In addition, he likes the masculine scent and feels that it’s nice, but not overwhelming. He says he wore it to a business meeting and all women in attendance gathered around him.

One woman reviewed a pheromone cologne when her fiancé made a purchase. She says her fiancé loves the product, but she loves it even more. She loves the scent and gets sexually aroused when he wears it.

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