Does Pheromone Cologne Really Work?

I have been asked many times whether pheromones actually work. I wanted to show you that some of the ones that I used like Pherazone which can be found here: are actually very good. I get some hits with this one and it is a 10ml bottle. And is made primarily of androstenone and androstenol. There is also alpha androstenol in there but its actually an all-around very good product.

I’ve also used Athena pheromones which can be found here: and they provide a dominant super-alpha male type of vibe. I enjoy using it in combination or by itself. Sometimes you get response form people you don’t really want to know. They expose a lot about people like their inner thoughts. Another pheromone I have been using is Ammunition. It doesn’t dominate peoples thoughts like the other brands or like the people think. They do not work like that for you.

They do provide an influence on others on how they perceive you. Someone confident and someone that can be trust worthy is the way to go. They do work. It’s just that people have to take their expectations way up there. It has to be realistic and they will experience influences. Those are my thoughts on pheromones and suggest you give them a try. I suggest you give it a go. Both men and women’s pheromones work incredibly well. Instant shine is another one that I unisex. Both men and women can use these synthetic pheromones effectively. If this gets you excited I will have to talk t you soon.

Let’s talk about tinctures and colognes and how they can be used with plant pheromones to attract a mate. The thing about a lot of colognes is they do have pheromones in them and they are meant to attract customers.

You have plants that naturally attract females put into a ladies perfume because it is going to get them to buy them. The same goes for male cologne. There are some pheromones in them that will attract women because they like that pheromone smell. For the most part is just marketing and smart business.

I want to talk about which types of pheromones are used to attract men and women. Interestingly enough, it is the homosexual pheromones that work the best for both sexes. The reason for that is we both know that plants have both male and female parts. There is a part in these plants where they are dominant to both sexes.

It does work for both genders accordingly. I am going to demonstrate how I make formulas to attract both males and females. You can smell them if you have very high concentrations but they are low concentrations so they affect us below our threshold. If exposed to couplings, men will find every women very attractive. 8 parts to a thousand is considered a good dosage. Copulins are so new that there ha snot been any peer reviewed studies as of yet. They are a potentially manipulative substance. They feel like they give you a secret super power.

Have you ever had chemistry with someone and wondered if pheromones played a pivotal role? And with everyone done we are ready to see if they showed anything at all. The average across all men shoed that the grip strength was stronger when they had the copulin s as opposed to not. It’s quite promising although the attraction data from the pheromones is so effective.

The study concludes it might be possible it make them more a little bit interested as well.

Just watch out until the pheromone effects wear off and don’t do anything brash. It is hardly a basis to find your perfect match. A unique chemical that makes people instantly attracted to you. We need a unique chemical signature that amplifies that unique sense of chemistry.

If they are too similar, they do not. The person who made this pheromone discovery is a famous scientist; Max Plank of the Institute for Evolutionary Biology.

The same pheromone phenomenon also occurred with fish. It was truly amazing. They sniff out their partners to find the right genes that make them attractive as a mate.

Why is smell the particular sense that is the same experience for everyone?

It’s not the case for most things, especially attracting women. People have a very individual experience. People differ in the constitution of their receptors like the VNO. There are differences of opinion if something smells good, weak, or strong.

Does it come down to your genes?

If your missing certain receptors then it can be argued that pheromones would be less effective. The genes play a big role but so does the environment. With prior experience the memory of these scents will play a big role as well.

These scents come in direct contact with our neurons. The neurons sitting outside your nose are very sensitive. Humans can send out scents to a particular person for a specific purpose to modify behavior and increase attraction.

Letting people have access to pheromone molecules has proven to be very effective. We can pick up on the scent of fear, aggression, and sexual attraction.

Tell Us About Pheromones

I have become a convert to the non-pheromone school. You can tell from a persons sweat if they smell different. The emotional state of the person sweating makes a huge difference. I suspect that at the edge of consciousness we are aware of that and can make use of that.

Should we really call it a pheromone?

The concept originated in 1959 with insects. How do you know it causes copulations? The pheromone concept requires very specific signals and specific response and it has to be hard-wired into the creature. With humans, every time someone has claimed there is a powerful sex pheromone it has always been a big mixture of things and not a single molecule.

The response is not automatic. I think at this point, the pheromone concept scientifically does not do any more work. We ought to give it up. I think if you are going to be very semantic about it then it doesn’t work.

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