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How Penis Extenders Work

In this article, I review the best penis extenders and explain how they work.

About Penis Enlargement

Men like to feel as masculine as possible when they consider their penile length. However, there are many men that either feels that they don’t have adequate penis length, or they genuinely don’t have enough penis length. The average size of a flaccid penis is around three inches, while an erect penis is around five to six inches.

However, there are men who are naturally lacking in penile length. For example, there are men who find that they measure at an inch and a half, possibly up to two inches when their penis is flaccid. These same men might only achieve an erect length of two to three inches.

While experiencing a lack of length is rarely a medical problem, men who experience a lack of penile length suffer emotional and psychological distress. Therefore, these men will seek out devices that will help them to naturally achieve penile length.

Recommended Penis Extenders

Male Penis Enlargement has tried, reviewed and compared the best penis enlargement device that is currently available on the market. Below you will find a comparison of the best penis stretchers based on user results, price, and the effectiveness.


  • Increased Penis Length By 3-4 Inches
  • Increased Width By 25%
  • Straightening Curvatures By 70%
  • Stronger and Harder Erections
  • Longer Lasting Erections
  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Confidence

SizeGeneticsThe SizeGenetics has been rated as the number one Penis enlargement device due to its effectiveness and the speed at which it will take to see results. Unlike many penis devices, it uses a unique comfort strap, allowing you to wear the system for longer and therefore see much better size gains.

Many people that have used the SizeGenetics system have noticed results within the first month. The benefits that you could see from the device include lengthening by 3-4 inches, girth increase by 25% and much more.

X4 Labs

  • Increased Penis Length By 3-4 Inches
  • Increased Width By 33%
  • Straightening Curvatures
  • Stronger and Harder Erections
  • Longer Lasting Erections
  • Device Stretches To 15 Inches
  • Fast and Effective Results

X4 LabsThe X4 Labs Device is the 2nd most recommended Penis Enlargement Device, it has been rated this based on the results that you could see and the speed in which you will see the results. The X4 Labs system has been medically backed and has also gone through 2 clinical studies.

By using the X4 Labs you will be able to see around 3 inches in length, the device will actually stretch up to 15 inches. You will also see girth increases of around 33% more.

JES Extender

  • Increased Penis Length By 2-3 Inches
  • Increased Width – 25%
  • Straightening Curvatures – 70%
  • Stronger and Harder Erections
  • Longer Lasting Erections
  • Cure Peyronies

Jes Extender is our 3rd rated Penis Device, it has been awarded this because of a mixture of the price of the item and the results that you could see. With the Jes Extender, gains might not be as big as the top 2 devices however the Jes Extender is a very competitive price.

There are 3 different packages that you can purchase, giving you an increase of around 2-3 inches in length and an extra increase of 25% to the width of the penis.

How Penis Extenders Work

Doctors have found that penis extender traction devices do offer come results when men wear these as prescribed. The way that the penis extender works is that it’s attached to the shaft of the penis. The device is weighted so that it slowly but surely stretches out the shaft of the penis.

The skin and the soft tissue of the shaft will eventually stretch, offering the man who wears these devices length. These traction devices are to be worn for up to six hours a day. These should also be worn for six months, in order to notice results.

Men who experienced testing with a penis extender found that when they wore the device for six months, up to six hours a day, they experienced almost an inch of new growth when the penis was in a flaccid state. When men experienced an erection, they noticed an inch and a half of new growth.

For many men, even an extra inch of new growth is something to be very appreciative of. Men feel that every inch counts because extra length can equate to extra pleasure for their partners.

Gradual yet Permanent Results

While a penis extender can work for men who are lacking what is considered to be normal length, there are men who are of normal length, yet would like to add to their sexual abilities. It’s best for men who use a traction penis device to follow instructions and to not wear this device to the extreme. Learn more at

For example, some men wear these devices for more than six hours, or they fall asleep while wearing the device. Doctors have found that when men use these devices to the extreme, men cause permanent damage to their shaft. Men can experience either broken capillaries or broken areas of their shaft.

However, if a man is willing to be patient and if he is willing to wear a penis extender as prescribed, then they will notice in time that their efforts might be worth the wait.


With Penis extenders you will see benefits such as:

  • Increased Penis Length – Gain 2-4 Inches In Length
  • Experience A Thicker Penis – Up To 25% Increase In Width
  • Curvature Straightening – Cure Up To 70% Of Curvatures
  • Enhanced Erections – Stronger, Harder and Longer Lasting

Avoid Cheap Penis Extenders

There is cheaper penis enlargement device on the market that is made from lower quality materials, which can result in the device being less durable and therefore there is more chance it could break. If you search the internet you will find many different penis devices not all of them will be of the same quality.


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