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Pheromones have changed my life for the better. I try to meditate, be present in the moment, read books on Buddhism, compassion, social responsibility etc. Social responsibility is my next goal with pheromones. I realize I have a certain charisma and I’m trying to use it to raise awareness, do whatever I can to promote positivity, self-esteem, etc. Also I think the law of pheromone attraction has something to do with it as well. When you are feeling good for a long time with no need for outcome, good things just fucking happen. My best nights are always when I already felt amazing, and everything that happens is just a manifestation of my internal state. Feeling content and complete goes a long way in making you chill.

Pheromones play a prominent role in human attraction. This journey of becoming good with women is a growth process. And that in itself is spiritual. When you fix and release issues, you get better responses from women /results. And socially its so easy to see the inside turned outside. It is spiritual indeed, and a good measure system or diagnostic tool. Succeeding with women is very often “having shit together”. Of cause there is exception, but in the long run. this is the name of the pheromone attraction game. Learn about sex pheromones |

I needed to hear those words. I started this journey with Game and tactics, but with more experience my intuition have developed. And I want to BECOME great, instead of Playing/faking great. I want to convey those traits because they are inside me at an uncurious level. Where all the thoughts and feelings are congruent together, so when you have a certain aura/ give off an impression, it comes back to being real.

Lucky for me I have had a mentor who persistently talked to me over msn/face over the years. I do see that to truly being good with women you skyrocket your success if you have (good!) mentors. Somebody who knows you at an individual level. The problem with main stream gurus is that they teach to “general” there are a lot of wisdom there and gold nuggets of cause, but they don’t reach you at that individual level, they don’t meet you personal, see your personality to point out your issues.

This is NEXT LEVEL for the whole pheromone fragrance industry.

Btw: I have also experience that when I feel my best, laugh and have fun with friends, that’s also the nights when this weird syncronisities happen (law of attraction) of bumping accidently into girls who want to fuck you. Its like if things “works” inside you (flow) things work outside you.

Yeah I could never be the outer game guy. I’ve had women tell me they could smell my fear a mile away back when I was starting off. I was acting like a tool but wasn’t aware. However, to women, it was blatantly obvious. And now that I have no fear, I don’t even have to do anything. They can sense my dominant presence a mile away. What people don’t realize is that “game” doesn’t really exist. The only thing that exists is being confident and content with yourself, and expressing that to women. And becoming confident and content has nothing to do with self improvement. You don’t need to improve yourself. You are enough.

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