Pheromone Agression in Humans

There is no doubt that pheromones in humans are powerful. Definitely have a good amount of aggression at some moments. I’m certainly more irritable than I have been for a while. This aggression sweeps over my daily but I know it’s happening for a reason.. And the more it occurs, the more I am able to depict what it is that’s causing me to feel aggressive.

I know I get aggressive with my pheromone signals when a person tries to put an assumption into a conversation that I do not agree with. – It makes me upset I guess because it’s like they’re subtly trying to get me to agree with something without my consent.

Another thing that has been triggering my pheromone aggression is when people do not understand my words but act as if they do.. When I state something that has implied reasoning behind the statement, that I am going to explain – but the person instead assumes that they understand the implications and runs with what they’re going to say.

– I guess in general this shows that I am becoming much more conscious of how information is coming to me and how it’s flowing out from me.

Last night’s dream:

Last night I had a strange lucid dream I was wearing a new pheromone cologne, in the dream I was on a motorbike (which i’ve never used before) and there was this one girl I was talking to. Then these two big dudes came up and tried to act like I wasn’t anything but I stood my ground and acted like they didn’t phase me at all.

I think, maybe the motorbike is representative of the vehicle I am moving with – something quick and agile, tempered.

Be careful with aggressor pheromones. My friend was pretty upset about something today and he got angry in conversation with me. When I felt his aggression I was reminded of how I have been feeling when I feel aggravated with something – so I became cool minded and thought about what I could do to get him out of his aggression and into thinking about why he was feeling that way… It worked perfectly.

I definitely attribute this to the pheromone perfumes he wears. I have learned where that form of aggression comes from, and I can definitely spot it on people when they feel it (before they vocalize it) and I am much better at handling that emotion in others than before because I don’t get defensive – rather, I think about what it is that’s causing them to feel aggressive.

Something great recently: When someone challenges my thoughts or my actions, I do not feel the urge to counter-prove them. I do not feel the urge to show them why they’re wrong. I’ve learned how to see at the intention of that person talking to me (seeing if it’s out of a good intention or not) and then saying “I appreciate you’re worries and your care for me” if they have good intention.

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