Pheromones For Men You Must Try

Most people have heard about pheromones at some point in their lives, and many people have at least some understanding of the role pheromones play. In fact, I would imagine that there are a lot of guys out there who have quite a good understanding of pheromones, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say they have a good understanding of certain pheromones for men. Nonetheless, let us take a brief look at what pheromone are.

What are Pheromones?

According to the MedicalNewsToday website, pheromones are described as being chemical substances that are produced by animals and then released into the environment, where they can have an effect on the physiology and/or the behavior of animals of the same species. In other word, pheromones produced by humans can only have an effect on other humans.

Scientists have determined years ago already that pheromones play several roles with regard to human behavior and physiology. For example, we now know that pheromones play a part in attracting members of the opposite sex, and/or, even members of the same sex. Following this discovery, several businesses set about trying to produce products containing synthetic pheromones.

Pheromones for Men

It is no big secret that men tend to have a far bigger sex drive than most women do. I mean, let’s face it, guys spend half their lives chasing after women, especially when they are young, free, or single. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could spray a little bit of cologne on yourself, and suddenly there are women everywhere longing to jump in the sack with you?

Obviously, if you could create a product which instantly makes you irresistible to women, you would be onto a real winner. Many businesses realized this, and soon the market was awash with pheromones for men; sprays and other products which would allow a man to get virtually any woman they want. Of course, the vast majority of these products are simply a total waste of money, but people continue buying them because, well, we are men after all.

The truth is, I would find it very hard to believe excuses from companies who are making and selling pheromones for men that have absolutely no effect on women whatsoever. As far as I am concerned, if a particular pheromone product is 100% ineffective, it is because the manufacturer is only interested in getting money out of you. In fact, I would even suspect that their product or products don’t even contain any pheromones.

Pheromones in animals were first discovered and identified way back in the 1800s, although admittedly human pheromones were only identified in 1986. One of the problems which consumers face is the fact that pheromones are virtually odorless, so there’s no way for you to tell if a product does actually contain any unless you send the product away to be tested in a laboratory, and of course, that costs money.

Pherazone – Is This the Best Pheromone Product for Men?

While Pherazone is still a relatively new arrival on the market, especially if you compare it to some other brands, it has certainly attracted a great deal of attention. In fact, just recently, it was voted the number one pheromone brand in three independent internet surveys. One of the biggest selling points for this brand is the fact that the company’s products contain up to 10 times more pheromones than virtually all other brands currently being sold on the market

With this in mind, it is actually quite difficult to understand how the company has successfully managed to stay competitive in terms of prices. When you buy Pherazone, you are getting a much higher concentration of pheromones, but yet you are not really paying more than you would for many other such products.

If you take a look at some of the specifics in greater detail, you will notice that Phezarone has a pheromone content of 18mg, which means that you are essentially paying just $4.99 per milligram. By comparison, Chikara, another brand which has previously been very popular, only has a pheromone content of 10mg, meaning that you are paying around $6.99 per milligram.

Scent of Eros, which is also a leading brand when it comes to pheromones for men, has a pheromone content of only 10mg. In this case, you would be paying as much as $9.99 per milligram. Most other brands not mentioned in this post actually have shockingly low pheromone content below 10mg, and those are the products you should definitely be trying to avoid.

Dispelling the Biggest Myth about Pheromones

Unfortunately, clever marketing strategies have resulted in people being horribly misled. All too often, guys think that pheromones for men are a magic bullet to unlimited sex. Sorry guys, but it just doesn’t work that way. What they can do, however, is make it easier for you to attract the attention of women. One should also bear in mind that there is also a possibility that a powerful pheromone product might also, on occasions, draw attention from people of the same sex. This is an inevitable possibility, because some men may subconsciously respond to the pheromones you are using.

So, do Phezarone products actually work? Well, if they did not, then I doubt the manufacturer would be willing to offer the sort of guarantee they are offering their customers – a 30-Day,risk-free, full money back guarantee.

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