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SizeGenetics Review: Does It Work?


As you have been reading up on many SizeGenetics reviews online, you’ve probably been curious if the success stories are genuine. Well, perhaps the medical world had been struggling to find the perfect solution to one of the ailing issues concerning a fraction of the male population, erectile dysfunction.

But aside from problems on whether the male’s penis does erect properly or not especially during sexual contact, there are also guys whose self-esteem is a little bit low merely because they think that the size of their penis is not enough to completely satisfy their partner during sexual intercourse. Given the problems like these, the public has also been waiting for that product that would really give exemplary results.

But such picture can already be changed these days. Thanks to the development of this penis extender. This penis erectile and enlargement device is hailed these days as the best device that was developed to address all those aforementioned problems by men. Its surging popularity is quite pronounced from all over the world. You might be a little bit interested and at the same time curious about this time and it might help you a lot to get to learn more about SizeGenetics extender.

How does the SizeGenetics extender work?

SizeGeneticsThe extender is grounded on scientific anatomical development principle which is for earlier products presented in the market, absent. The device that is worn externally and is surrounding the penile region, creates pressure around that area. Since the penis is made of muscles which are subsequently made up of tissues and cells, the constant but relatively slow pressure applied around the penile region stimulates the production of new cells.

As this occurs, the same set of new cells would initiate rushing of blood towards the penile section which subsequently causes the erection. While wearing the device, the pressure stays on and subsequent production of new cells seem to enhance the girth as well as the length of the individual’s penis.

Is there any special preparation to be done in order to get the maximum results?

The use of SizeGenetics extender device does not require any special preparation nor will it ask users to change their lifestyle drastically unless otherwise medically called for. The only preparation that has to be done is to stimulate the penis before putting on the device. This is done by mere wiping of the penile area with a towel or any other piece of clothing that is wet with warm water.

The temperature should be just enough for you to tolerate. Such preparation is done in order for the penis to be in a semi-erect position and so that the device can be positioned appropriately. The tension that will be created will also be adjusted based on the user’s preference.

Will SizeGenetics extender be safe for use?

The materials composing the SizeGenetics extender SizeGenetics is labeled as medical type 1 materials. Given this, users are assured that they are using or will be using a highly safe device that will not leave any rust which might cause infection nor does it bends which may result to muscular strain or unwanted tension.

What do users say about the product?

Since the introduction of the penis enlargement device to the market, a number of males have tried it and find the product very satisfying and has generated them quite exemplary results. SizeGenetics review also shows that majority of the users find the device very easy to use. There are no special requirements needed and the device is not limited to a few individuals for usage. Others also find that the results from the device are achieved in a short period of time without any discomfort.

With the gradual but constant increase in the length as well as the girth of their penis, more male partners are becoming satisfied with the size of their copulatory organ. While they are becoming satisfied and proud of what they are carrying, all users also claim that they have also augmented shows level of satisfaction when engaged in sexual action with their female partners. Learn more at

So, is the product a real deal?

Several reviews reveal that indeed the product is a real deal and was created to correct male erectile issues. SizeGenetics device is said to add 1-3 inches on the total length of the penis, augment the girth by about 20% and the overall effect would be to boost the male’s self-esteem with stronger and more consistent erections.

The fact that the product was built on an existing scientific principle and it was created for years and has satisfactory clinical results before it was introduced to the market, it is not surprising that SizeGenetics review reveals how effective the product is. As the device was rated as a type 1 medical device, it is indeed a very safe equipment to use. The only unusual thing that you might experience is initial soring which will eventually go away after a while.

Where to Buy and How to Get Discounts?

So if you are already convinced of the wonders of the product after reading all the SizeGenetics Reviews and you want to invest on it but might think that it is way off your budget, you might be wondering then if you can get some discount. Well, the answer for this is a definite YES. Although the time is firstly a relatively cheap device to invest on, the company is also offering discounts not only to new users but even to all those who have been using the device. In exchange, the recipient is asked to give their valuable reviews and feedback on the item.

You only have to visit the official website of the product then punch in some information that will be required and you will be given discount coupons which you can use for the subsequent purchase.

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