Why I Use The Best Pheromones

I want to highlight a couple things that have become very apparent to me as of late using the best pheromones:

A) Women are just women and there’s no reason to act like a different person in front of them.

This doesn’t just mean being confident. This means that you should act like yourself – you should engage with her from the personality that is truly you.. This personality can shine through as sexual, or intellectual, or romantic, or adventurous.. Pheromones will give you that edge you are looking for. Regardless, you should not be masking your personality when you interact with women. Your personality and the commitments you make with a girl through your behavior are two DIFFERENT things. Don’t forfeit your personality because you think you need to be a certain character in order show a girl that you want her sexually. Check out strongest pheromones for men | Exteen.com.

B) Women are just people. Yes, it’s easy to say “the value of women is equal to the value of men” but really, it is.. You shouldn’t be fighting for their attention no more than you would fight for your friends or anyone else’s attention.
– frame control should be a natural thing.. When a girl says something snarky you should curtail her – throwing something snarky right back.. Or laugh at her insanity (just like you would with a guy)… But it’s different when you do it from this mindset, it’s based on being fun rather than being assured that you’re doing the right thing.

By using stronger pheromone colognes laced with androstenone and androstenol you can get a hidden advantage in attracting women.

When you congeal both A and B you really open up to a new level of communication with women.. At least it has been quite a day-and-night difference to me.

Other points that do not have to do with women and pheromones:

A) My ability to realize body language is getting much better. (Granted, I just finished reading a book on body language and taking some pheromone seminars).. I am much more focused on the cues that people make around me and I am also much more keen on the cues I’m making to others.

B) I feel a continuous sense of *YOUR PROCRASTINATING* whenever I try to go procrastinate.. Up to the point that I drop the activity that i’m doing within 5 or so minutes and hop back onto track for a pro-longed period of time.

C) I am much more keen on the emotions that others are feeling around me.. When I evoke different emotions inside of me I can usually switch their emotions with mine… As well, when I go to reflect on different situations, I gain much more insight on what behavior I had/hadn’t used that caused the other person to feel certain ways. **And I’m not just talking ways that are obvious.

One of my favorite pheromones to use is Pherazone which contains over 7 different pheromone compounds clinically proven to increase sexual attraction in men and women.

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